Spring Into Action With Scotsman Gourmet Ice Cubes

//Spring Into Action With Scotsman Gourmet Ice Cubes

Spring Into Action With Scotsman Gourmet Ice Cubes

When spring arrives we all tend to get excite d at the prospect of sunshine and warm days. We can get rid of those thick winter jackets and layers of clothing so that we can don light spring wear. Spring also means that we spend more time going out with friends. Consequently, more drinks will be enjoyed in the spring months leading up to summer.

Restaurants and bars will need to be prepared for the spring action. They need to be able to handle the demand that this season will bring. More customers will order cool drinks, cocktails, and other drinks on the rocks so there needs to be enough ice to cater for this demand. What better way than to be ready with the Scotsman gourmet ice cubes. These are ice cubes that are generated by a machine called the Scotsman Modular Gourmet Cube Ice Maker. These ice cubes are shaped with a perfectly round diameter, domed top and a bevelled bottom. Each ice cube weighs 20 grams. The Scotsman Modular Gourmet Cube ice machine is able to make each ice cube exactly the same so you are assured of its consistency each time. As the demand for ice drinks will increase in the spring months you will require a lot of ice. With the 172kg version you can produce up to 170 kilograms of ice cubes within a 24 hour period. The ice that is produced can be stored in the chilled storage capacity unit ready to be served.

The Scotsman Modular Gourmet Cube ice machine is designed to suit any kitchen or bar area. It is a rectangular designed unit that gives you easy access to the ice cubes and it has a floor drainage outlet for the excess water. This unit is not too big either. It measures only 772mm wide, 711mm high and 608mm deep; and weighs 70 kilograms. Of course, as with any equipment you should always be careful when lifting and moving it. It can be placed conveniently in the bar or kitchen, perhaps under a counter or on a solid countertop surface.

This unit has a power consumption of 26 kilowatts along with a single phase voltage of 230V. This Scotsman ice machine is ideal for the spring and summer season where demand for cold drinks is high and you need an ice maker that can produce a lot of ice constantly and consistently. Scotsman ice machines are manufactured to be tough and reliable so that they can cope with heavy demand and high pressure environments.

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