Beat the Heat with Ice Cold Drinks

//Beat the Heat with Ice Cold Drinks

Beat the Heat with Ice Cold Drinks

There’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshingly ice cold drink on a hot day. When you add friends to the mix, you can have a pretty good time. Whether you decide to have drinks at home or at a bar, there’s always a way to get the refreshment you want.

Most bars have catering equipment that is manufactured with the main purpose of chilling drinks.

A beverage cooler is the most common catering equipment seen in bars. It is the ideal unit because it is a large commercial refrigerator with a number of features suitable for bars. It has glass doors, either one door or two doors, which makes it easy to see what drinks are inside without opening the fridge. So customers can view the contents and select what they want. Beverage coolers have many shelves which allows for the storage of many bottles or cans. Finally, it has a display panel at the top of the fridge that is backlit which is great for an advert. Of course, the main feature is that it keeps the contents chilled until it is ready to be served.

In addition, it is great to add ice to your drink because it will add that extra chill which is quite refreshing. For this purpose, an ice machine makes ice making a breeze for bars. There are ice machines of various sizes that will suit every need. If there is a high customer demand then it is ideal to get a large unit which also has a storage bin. The purpose of the storage bin is to keep the ice frozen until it is ready to be served. This allows the bartender to make a large batch while it is quiet, store it and when the orders come in, the ice will be ready.

You can also achieve this at home, on a smaller scale, of course. If you have a home bar where you entertain your friends, then you could have cold drinks too. There are underbar fridges available that have a similar function to that of a beverage cooler. It also has the glass door for viewing the contents, except it has fewer shelves. It fits conveniently under a counter of your home bar.

You don’t need to buy ice for your home bar if you can make it yourself. By making it yourself I mean you can get a smaller ice machine to make it for you. The Scotsman TC180 Ice Making Dispenser is a small unit that dispenses cubes and stores up to 5 kilograms of these cubes in the storage bin. It will impress your friends that you are so prepared.

Whether you are at home or go to a bar, you can enjoy a great cold drink this summer.

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