The Ice Machine Is The Star of The Bar

//The Ice Machine Is The Star of The Bar

The Ice Machine Is The Star of The Bar

To manage a successful bar can be challenging because there is a lot of competition to contend with these days. You must consider the customer needs, have the trained bartenders, and stock enough drinks to keep customers happy. You need to cater for various tastes. It is a good idea to have efficient processes and catering equipment in place that ensures that your bar runs like a well-oiled machine.

Staff must be trained in all areas of bartending. They must understand how to make the various drinks, handle the money from customers, and keep the bar area clean and tidy. In addition, they must know how to operate all the catering equipment such as the ice machine. The ice machine is the star of the bar because it complements most drinks and customers enjoy ice in their drinks.

Depending on the size of the bar, you need to establish what size ice machine you will need. You could get two small ice machines if the bar is a busy one. Why two small ones, you ask? If you have a big or, rather, a long bar, then it would be convenient for the bartenders to have an ice machine at both ends of the bar. This way no one bumps into each during a busy night. If you don’t have a long bar but the night tends to be very busy then one big ice machine could work for you. It will make buckets of ice that will keep your customers happy.

Keeping customers happy is always at the forefront of any hospitality establishment. You can have everything in your establishment but if one thing is missing, then the customer’s experience can be tainted. The same goes for bars. You must have a reliable and durable ice machine that is able to store enough ice. Remember that a bar can have all the drinks that any customer may want, but if there is no ice on hand it can deplete the customer’s expectations and make them quite unhappy. Such negative experiences are engrained in the customer’s mind. When this happens, the negative experience can spread by word of mouth and via social media. No one wants bad publicity.

So take the time to make sure that you assess all your processes, manage your stock levels, train your staff to be customer service savvy, and invest in the best catering equipment you can.

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