Reviewing The Features of The Scotsman Modular Flaker Ice Maker

//Reviewing The Features of The Scotsman Modular Flaker Ice Maker

Reviewing The Features of The Scotsman Modular Flaker Ice Maker

The drinks industry is a very competitive one but it is also a big industry with many people who enjoy going out for drinks. Consequently, it is a very demanding industry with customers who want their drinks at the drop of a hat. One part of keeping up with that demand is the requirement of having ice constantly at hand. Let’s review the features of the Scotsman Modular Flaker Ice Maker.

  • This ice maker has an output of 120 kilograms per 24 hours. This is a great feature because it can make 120 kilograms of ice within a day. If we break it down that is 5 kilograms per hour which is sufficient for a busy bar. Plus you could store the additional ice until it is ready to be served.
  • It has a storage facility with a storage capacity B150 included. Additional flakes that have been made can be stored here.
  • This unit makes a flake type of ice. Flakes are great for a number of different types of drinks especially for cocktails. This is a positive feature for bar owners who serve cocktails throughout the night.
  • The water supply is drawn from a permanent water connection. This is ideal for busy bars because there is no need to add water manually. The unit is directly connected to a water source via a plumbing connection so water is supplied as it is needed. It drains the water at floor level so make sure you make provision for this.
  • It doesn’t use too much power at 11 kWh so you can use it all day long if necessary. It is a durable piece of catering equipment that can carry on working day in and day out. This is what you need in a bar, a reliable unit.
  • The Scotsman Modular Flaker Ice Maker has a square design that does not take up much space. This is great for bars that do not have much space. It measures 560 x 530 x 525 millimetres which allows you to place it in a corner or under a counter.

This modular flaker ice maker can add value for bar owners based on the abovementioned features. It is durable and produces much ice which can be stored until customers demand it.

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