This Heat Creates A Demand For Ice

//This Heat Creates A Demand For Ice

This Heat Creates A Demand For Ice

When the heat reaches such dramatically high and uncomfortable temperatures that’s when people want a lot ice. Retail establishments will be inundated with requests for bags of ice because people add more ice to their drinks and cocktails.

Many people usually try to make ice cubes at home but it can take so long to freeze in their household refrigerators they rather go to a store to buy it. Establishments like supermarkets and liquor stores are usually the places that people visit for their ice needs. It is essential that these establishments have the right catering equipment to make many bags of ice to cope with the increased demand.

Because of this demand they must have a machine that handles large production volumes without fail. For this purpose the Scotsman Self Contained Ice Machine, particularly the unit that produces up to 145 kilograms, is ideal. This is a big machine that measures 1078 x 715 x 1126 millimetres in size so it takes up quite a bit of space. It produces up to 145 kilograms of individual gourmet crystal clear supercubes in a daily production cycle. It has a 70 kilogram ice storage capacity which is great for busy establishments who have other business to attend to. A lot of bags can be filled on a daily basis and be ready for customers.

The Scotsman Self Contained Ice Machine is manufactured with advanced diagnostic computerised control and a visible alarm light to indicate when routine maintenance needs to be done. It has an ergonomically designed ice storage access door. For hygiene purposes, it has a vapour based microbial control system pouch inside the storage area, a water system that is protected by a patented anti-scale system, and an antimicrobial agent embedded in moulded plastic parts. This durable unit has a resistant stainless steel exterior and a PWD system for a remote water drain.

Over the weekends, liquor stores are very busy. So they tend to sell many bags of ice especially over a busy and hot weekend. This machine will ensure that there is a sufficient amount of product in stock which can improve the store’s bottom line.

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