The Features of The Scotsman Self Contained Ice Maker

//The Features of The Scotsman Self Contained Ice Maker

The Features of The Scotsman Self Contained Ice Maker

Scotsman is renowned for its quality commercial refrigeration products. They are durable and reliable units which makes them well suited to everyday use in a bar or restaurant. During the warmer months it’s easy to see why people want ice. The cold sensation of a well chilled drink filled with ice is one of the most refreshing things on earth. It’s a good way to cool down while enjoying your favourite drink. The Scotsman Self Contained Ice Maker is a good candidate for commercial use and here are its features.

This particular unit produces flake ice which is a gentle soft type of ice that can be used in a variety of different drinks such as cocktails, cool drinks and mocktails.

It produces up to 70 kilograms of ice in a 24 hour cycle. This quantity is ideal for bars or busy restaurants that have a high demand for drinks.

The unit itself has a reasonable weight of 50 kilograms. It measures a reasonable 535 x 626 x 813 millimetres (933 millimetres with its legs) and it has a box type of shape so it can fit easily into any commercial kitchen, even under a kitchen counter.

It has an aesthetically pleasing design so if you have a space which is visible to customers, you can feel comfortable enough to use it as a display piece. When it comes to the marketing display you want to make sure that what you have on display is attractive and eye catching.

This catering equipment can be connected to a water drainage system which will allow any excess water to be discarded conveniently via the drain at floor level. No manual water draining would be necessary.

The Scotsman Self Contained Ice Maker makes a lot of ice so it has been manufactured with a storage bin which has a capacity of 25 kilograms. So you will have at least 25 kilograms of flake ice available at any given time during the service.

It has a sufficient power rating to ensure that it can cope with the daily demands with a single phase voltage of 220 volts and a power output of 330 watts. Its power consumption equates to 7,5 kilowatts.

This unit’s innovative features create and allow the maintenance of the highest food safety standards and that’s what you would want from any of your catering equipment. Scotsman has revolutionised the ice maker with its state of the art innovations and features along with optimised daily production and storage facility which makes it a great addition to any bar or restaurant.

This catering equipment has many features that benefits bars, restaurants, caterers and home owners who host parties. It is a very useful equipment to have and it saves you a lot of time in having to go and buy bulk ice because you can make your own. It’s convenient and reliable. It can add value to your bar or restaurant by making the daily drinks service an easy and convenient process. Your customers will love this and will value the added service that you offer.

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