What Do You Need To Install An Ice Machine?

Commercial ice machines are invaluable to the restaurant industry. Every bar that serves a variety of drinks must have an ice machine to keep up with the demand. Customers enjoy ice in their drinks and if the bar is unable to accommodate this need then the customer will simply go to another bar. Once you've [...]

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Delicious Drinks That Are Made With Ice

We all have our favourite drinks that we enjoy at parties. Here are a few delicious drinks and mocktails that are made with ice. Frozen Coconut Pineapple Margarita. This mocktail is made from a frozen pina colada concentrate mix, pineapple juice, lime, ice and salt. Espresso Frozen Mocktail. This is one for coffee lovers because [...]

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Scotsman CD40 Ice Making Dispenser: Making Gourmet Cubes

Ice makers are quite popular this time of the year when it is warm and the demand for drinks such as cocktails, liquor, sweet wine, and cool drinks increases. Most people love ice in their sweet wine, brandy or whiskey and depending on how much they drink, you might need a lot of ice. It [...]

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The Features of the Scotsman Crushman 360 Ice Crusher

Everyone enjoys a cold drink with ice but there is nothing quite like having a drink with crushed ice. It just feels different and more enjoyable. It puts you in a holiday mood. This ice is more often used in cocktails because the alcohol is usually mixed or shaken with the ice to create a [...]

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Spring Into Action With Scotsman Gourmet Ice Cubes

When spring arrives we all tend to get excite d at the prospect of sunshine and warm days. We can get rid of those thick winter jackets and layers of clothing so that we can don light spring wear. Spring also means that we spend more time going out with friends. Consequently, more drinks will [...]

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Catering Equipment: Cost Saving Tips

For caterers and restaurants, catering equipment and the food industry in general can be costly. Everything costs money from the staff and the catering equipment to the food items and appliances. It is essential that, as a caterer or restaurateur, that you know how to work with your finances so that your business can prosper. [...]

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